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Consultation and Audit:


“Pearl's audit has given us so much to think about and will form the basis of our development plan.”
(Out of school provision, Kent)

The advantage of an independent audit is that it is impartial and objective, providing you with quality assurance and a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your provision. The audit measures the performance and compliance of your SEND provision against the current Inspection Framework and compliance with Regulations, such as: the SEND Code of Practice (2015), the Equality Act (2010) and current JCQ Regulations.

An audit of your SEND provision can be commissioned for a variety of reasons and can be particularly reassuring for parents of children with special educational needs and for senior personnel, such as the governing body. It provides an invaluable independent review of your service for moderating standards in Teaching, Learning and Assessment, in addition to prioritising whole-school development.

It assesses areas such as: the effectiveness of your intervention, the appropriateness of the data you collect, the quality of differentiation, leadership and management, your approach to sharing information. It enables the setting to be Ofsted ready and to work on a trajectory of outstanding provision.

A full audit of SEND provision can take between 2 and 5 days; the report, which includes recommendations for improvement, is provided within 2 working weeks.

What is involved?

Here is an overview of what takes place:

  • - Interviews with key personnel, such as the SENCO, Senior Leadership Team, SEN governor, pupils and other staff
  • - A review of all relevant policies, your website, monitoring and tracking and impact data
  • - Lesson observations to observe differentiation of teaching and learning
  • - Observations of intervention groups
  • - Where relevant, a review of JCQ exam access arrangements files (including Form 8s) for compliancy with JCQ Regulations

Ongoing support:

Where ongoing support is required, for instance where a new SENCO is in post, independent mentoring and ongoing advice can be provided in addition to help or training relating to any aspect of your SEND provision.

Advice might include areas such as:

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What areas are investigated?

The audit usually covers the following areas, but can be bespoke to the needs of the setting.

  • - Key documents, policies, procedures and protocols
  • - Identification and referral for additional support and provision
  • - Quality of teaching and learning for pupils with SEND in mainstream provision, including the quality of differentiation and support offered
  • - Quality of learning experiences for pupils with SEND
  • - Quality and relevance of intervention
  • - Transitional arrangements: between key stages and between phases
  • - The expertise and training of staff
  • - Data management: measuring the effectiveness and impact of intervention
  • - Pupil and parent participation
  • - JCQ compliance, including assessment of need and normal way of working