Student Handouts



“More and more evidence is surfacing to validate the idea of the use it or lose it. ‘Exercising’ the brain daily is of course what we do by being alive! Using our brains in unfamiliar ways may encourage new connections to form. Solving different kinds of problems will produce different kinds of thought processes as you search for solutions.”
(The Learning Brain, Blakemore and Frith, 2005)

The learning journey is complex and unique to the individual student. However, there are strategies which have been found to be successful for many individuals. Within these pages you will find activities and strategies to aid your learning process.

Activities are divided into different age-groups and cover activities related to improving reading, essay composition, spelling, writing, maths, and general study skills, such as revision skills and exam techniques.

You can download the handouts for your own use only. The Copyright remains with the publisher and author (SENDISS).

Primary Handouts:

Secondary And Post 16 Handouts: