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Special Educational Needs and Disability Independent Support Service

SENDISS is an expert and specialised SEND support service for SENCOs and parents of children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) offering:

SENDISS was originally established as Pearl’s-training with the vision to provide a holistic service of training, assessment and ongoing advice and support for SEND. The service is completely independent allowing schools and parents to obtain an objective approach to training, assessment, auditing and consultancy based upon 20 years’ experience of working within the UK field. The goal: to improve outcomes for children and young people experiencing a special or additional educational need and/or disability.

Based in the South West of the UK, services are provided across the entire UK.

SEND Training:

“Additional intervention and support cannot compensate for a lack of good quality teaching.”
(SEND Code of Practice, 2015)

There are a wide range of SEND training options available, which can be tailored to suit your individual needs as a setting. INSET can be delivered over a whole or half day or as twilight sessions.

  • - For SENCOs
  • - Learning Support teams
  • - Whole-school training
  • - Specialist training
  • - For governors and other senior professionals
  • - Other professionals and clinicians


SEND Assessment:

“The identification of SEN should be built into the overall approach to monitoring the progress and development of all pupils.”
(SEND Code of Practice, 2015)

Assessments can be conducted for children and young people from age 6-19 years.

Parents and Schools are able to commission specialist assessments.

There are two types of specialist SEND assessment offered:

- Diagnostic Assessments: which are detailed and analytical, and can be commissioned by either parents or schools:

Diagnostic Assessment for schools and colleges

Diagnostic Assessment for parents

- Short Assessments: which are appropriate for application for access arrangements in external exams and can be commissioned by schools:

Short Assessment for schools and colleges

SEND Auditing:

“The quality of teaching for pupils with SEN, and the progress made by pupils, should be a core part of the school’s performance management arrangements and its approach to professional development for all teaching and support staff.”
(SEND Code of Practice, 2015, 6.4))

SEND Auditing is seen as an effective way to identify areas within your setting which may require additional development and be prepared for your next Inspection. The outcome provides you with a clear plan of action which can be used to form your development plan. The recommendations provided are based upon best practice, mandatory requirements alongside the Common Inspection Framework and relevant Handbook.

SEND Consultancy:

“The School should ensure that the SENCO has sufficient time and resources to carry out these (specific) functions. This should include providing the SENCO with sufficient administrative support and time away from teaching to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities in a similar way to other important strategic roles within a school.”
(SEND Code of Practice, 2015, 6.91)

Ongoing support for SENCOs is offered, including aid with policy writing, data analysis and SEND provision development.