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Special Educational Needs and Disability Independent Support Service

SENDISS is an expert and specialised SEND support service for SENCOs, specialist provision and parents of children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) offering:

SENDISS was established with the vision to provide a holistic service of support, training and advice for schools relating to SEND in addition to thorough auditing and specialist assessment of individuals from age 6 - adult. The service is completely independent allowing schools and families to obtain an objective and unbiased view, based upon 30 years' experience of working within the UK field. The goal: to improve outcomes for neurodiverse children and young people experiencing a special or additional educational need and/or disability and to ensure that all children are able to access an education which is safe, caring and supportive of emotional wellbeing as well as able to meet their individual needs

Based in the South West of the UK, services are provided across the entire UK.

SEND Auditing and Ongoing Support:

We offer independent auditing of your SEND provision which identifies areas of strength and areas to be developed. The detailed action plan which is provided as an outcome, can be used to formulate your development plan.

We are able to offer ongoing coaching and support to monitor your development and progress following the SEND audit.

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SEND Training:

We offer a wide range of SEND training options, which can be tailored to suit the needs of your setting. INSET can be delivered over a whole or half day or as twilight sessions.

  • - For SENCOs
  • - Learning Support teams
  • - Whole-school training
  • - Specialist training
  • - For governors and other senior leaders
  • - Other professionals and clinicians

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SEND Assessment:

We offer specialist assessments for individuals aged from 6 to adult.

Parents and Schools are able to commission specialist assessments.

There are two types of specialist SEND assessment offered:

- Diagnostic Assessments: detailed and analytical assessments suitable for evidencing additional support and intervention and exam access arrangements, which can be commissioned by either parents or schools, which are carried out by a fully qualified and registered Specialist Assessor with the British Psychological Society and Psychological Testing Center. All reports comply with PATOSS and BDA standards:

Diagnostic Assessment for schools and colleges

Diagnostic Assessment for parents

- Short Assessments: which are appropriate for application for exam access arrangements and can be commissioned by schools and colleges:

Short Assessment for schools and colleges